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Wonderful Hidden Places in Bali

Presented by Devayanti A. Wulaningtyas

My family regularly visit Bali, both for holiday and also to visit our relatives there. During in Bali usually we visit many tourist destination which is already popular and famous such as Kuta Beach, Sanur, Ubud, Tanah Lot, Sukawati, Uluwatu, Bedugul, Pandhawa beach, PuraBesakih, Lovina, and many more.

For this  holiday, we are planning to visit 'uncommon' places for tourist, especially for local tourist.

Most of the places we will visit are not so popular yet. Hope this album will help people to get to know Bali better, and visit it, or even explore more when they have time to visit Bali... Enjoy the photos... :)

The first tourism object we are visited, Sekumpul waterfalls. Located on the northern part of Bali, surrounded by green jungles offer amazing natural scenery of waterfall.

Highly Recommended Located on the northern part of the island, scattered on green jungles offer amazing natural view of waterfall. Highly recommended for you who love the beauty of nature..

To get to Sekumpul waterfall, we need to walk on the path. This path made of cement and fully shaded by sooo various of trees, such as durian, coffee, rambutan, clove, chocolate, banana, etc.

Besides the beautiful trees, we also passed through several local peoples houses and were a bit surprised that there were so many impressive traditional life style here.

Most of the tree along the trekk / path to go to Sekumpul are coffee, clove and chocolate.

So on the way back we can enjoy Luwak many local products which is maked by traditional processing such as Luwak Coffee (Civit coffee), Chocolate, Bali Coffee, etc.

The second destination we are visited is Menjangan island. It is located about 10Km North West off the shore of Bali’s mainland. To get to this island, we need to cross by the locat boat that will aproximately take 30 minutes from a little harbour called Labuhan Lalang.


Menjangan island is surrounded by white sandy beach, beautiful coral reef, and bright & colorful underwater world.

It's a perfect destination for those who enjoy diving and snorkeling. 

At Menjangan island, visitors will have the chance to get close to many deer at the island.  The word "Menjangan" is Javanese language means "Deer".

There are about 8 temples at Menjanganisland. This island has what is believed to be oldest temple in Bali, "Gili Kencana Temple", which dates from the Majapahit period.

There are other three temples in this island, "Klenting Sari" Temple, "Segara Giri" Temple and "Gajah Mada" temple.  We will also find here one Pagoda / Vihara namely "Dewi Kwan Im".

Sooo amazing..:

On the third day in Bali, we went to East part of Bali.  The first place we were visited was Tirta Gangga. Tirtagangga in Balinese means holy water of the Ganges.

The name refers to the water palace built in the late 1940's to the 1950's by GustiGedeDjelantik, the former Kingdom of Karangasem.


The next destination after Tirta Gangga was Taman Ujung Sukasada.

Taman Sukasada or Sukasada Park is a beautiful park with big fish pond surrounds the old Karangasem Empire building which is used by the Karangasem's King.


The architecture of Sukasada park was designed with European style and is very beautiful and unique reminds to the Dutch colonial period.

One of the interesting points in Taman Sukasada is Taman Gili (Gili Park) set in the middle of large pond. This place is especially used as a relaxation site by Karangasem King.


On the top of the park there was a place that used to be a wedding chapel. From here you can see an amazing view to Padang Bai harbour.


On the third day we went for Chocolate Tour at Big Tree Big Tree Farms/Bamboo Factory.

We starting the tour with a welcome drink namely Coco Mojo. After that, we see how chocolate is made from the very beginning, andhave a chance to taste everything from the raw bean to all the types of chocolate made at this factory.

The most amazing for me is the architectural and  thestructural of the whole building which all using bamboo.


Majority of the interior walls, made from woven bamboo strips.


 So hilarious…!!


Finally, on the fourth day we went to Gunung Kawi temple. There are two temples, one in Sebatu and the other one in Tampak Siring north east of Ubud.

The one in Tampak Siring comprises 10 rock-cut candi (shrines) that are carved into rock on the cliff.

It is really.., really amazing and impressive…

When I see the temple, I just can not imagine how can they do that at that time without any sophisticated stone breaker..

Just found out that the legend of this amazing place is believed that the mythical giant Kebo Iwo carved out all of the ancient tombs in one night with his fingernails

Wooww..., fantastic..!!


The site of Gunung Kawi Temple is reachable only by foot from the parking area, passing elevating slope of the river with more than 100 steps down and up the river.

But along the trek to the temple, you will enjoy beautiful padi field, river, and some local tradition.

I think this is of the most beautiful and magnificent things I have seen.

Worth the walk!

Pura Gunung Kawi in Tampaksiring is beautifully located in a river valley surrounded by rice fields and jungle.

The holy Pakersian River flows through the centre of Gunung Kawi cutting the site into two separate sections with a bridge to connect one side to the other.

It evokes a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

The next Pura Gunung Kawi we are visited is Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu.

This is not a large temple. But it offers you a very relaxing and quiet place which enclosed by the forest.

So peaceful...

So, this is all of our trips in Bali during our holiday. It is only a sharing that I expect can give beneficial to all of you.  I do hope you enjoy it and inspire you to visit and even explore more about Bali…

Happy Holiday…!!